Beauty Trend of 2014

A screenshot of a tweet by Harry Styles approving bikini bridge
A screenshot of a tweet by Harry Styles approving bikini bridge

“The ‘bridge’ is created when a woman is so thin that when she lies down to sunbathe her hip bones jut out, suspending her bikini bottoms and creating a space between them and her lower abdomen. Bikini bridge enthusiasts got the trend going by posting pictures of themselves online — but it was massively boosted when One Direction heart-throb Harry Styles tweeted his approval. As a result, in just 24 hours, #bikinibridge and #bikinibridge2014 was tweeted more than 2,400 times, with Styles’s endorsement — which has since been deleted — receiving 115,359 favorites alone.”


I realize I am in no position to judge how a person takes care of their own body however it is articles like this one that deserves attention. If women want to strive to have this bikini bridge that is there personal business. I personally take issue of it because it is yet another unrealistic image for many women. Twitter is raving of this as the new beauty trend of 2014 but does this imply women are not attractive if they don’t have the bikini bridge? To make it worse, young fans of One Direction’s Harry Styles who adore the musician now know of his approval toward this new trend. With Styles endorsement young girls may see the bikini bridge as something they need to have to be beautiful. This is a very negative message and one that young girls shouldn’t be worrying about.

Keep Calm and Love Your Body

“Is the ‘bikini bridge this year’s thigh gap?.” Daily Mail 09 Jan. 2014: 24. Regional Business News. Web. 9 April. 2014.


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