Reject the Media’s Influence

“Traditionally psychologists have attributed negative body image to pictures in the media of unusually thin or beautiful people with whom the rest of us compare our own physique. In June 2011 the American Medical Association released a statement that urged advertisers to stop the use of digitally altered photographs after researchers found links among exposure to mass media, negative body image and disordered eating.

The impact of distorted body image is widespread. Almost half of adolescent girls report being dissatisfied with their appearance, and the number of males reporting serious body image dissatisfaction is also on the rise (although the exact number of males with this problem is difficult to pin down). An additional one out of 20 Americans suffers from a clinical body image disturbance such as an eating disorder or body dysmorphic disorder, in which people cannot stop thinking about minor or imaginary “flaws” in their appearance.”

The mass media has an undeniable power of influennce.  Body image is an influence of the media that is creating a harmful impact over those who are exposed. Not a day seems to go by without someone, a stranger or a friend, worrying over the way their body is perceived by others. I’m a college student and everyday I go to lunch or dinner hearing the same thing.Girls saying they cant have certain foods because they are on a diet or a guy saying he has to go to the gym for the third time that day.  Captivated, just like everyone else, by the trends the media creates that define what is and what is not beautiful. My question is when will people realize that beauty is within a person. I believe it is important to care for your body on your own terms. In all, one should not allow the media to convince them that they are not beautiful.











Arnold, Carrie. “Inside Wrong Body.” Scientific American Mind 23.2 (2012): 36-41. Academic Search Complete. Web. 9 Apr. 2014.


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