Simply Smile


Dove is teaming up with Twitter to introduce a social change taking the beauty conversation from a negative one to a positive one as exemplied by the tweet above. Using love as an acronym, Dove defines a way of life, which people should delightly strive for. In full support of the project, I wish for every young girl and woman to stand in front of a mirror and feel beautiful. The mirror I look into every morning is lined with brightly colored sticky notes reminding me who I am. Some reading, “Laugh until your body aches,” “Don’t you dare give up,” and most importantly, “I am Beautiful.” These notes may seem ridiculous to some people, but when I look into that mirror I do not judge myself, I smile. Too many times has social media become a place for hateful posts over the appearance of ones self or of others. This kind of cruelty toward ourselves has to stop. The media has become a world exposing us to distorted beauty. A perfection so exaggerated that it is nearly impossible for any man or woman to accomplish. So the next time you come across those chizzled abs or that size zero waist line on a billboard or magazine cover remember that photo was tampered with, and could have taken four or five different models to complete. If you do find yourself comparing your body negatively try to think of at least three things you absolutely adore about yourself and simply smile.

Dove. “This is how we spell love.” 16 February 2015, 8:32 a.m. Tweet.


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