3 Ways to Overcome Stereotypes Effortlessly to Achieve Your Goals.

A stereotype is a widely known fixed judgment toward someoWIN_20151022_14_09_52_Pro (2)ne or something. Unfortunately, stereotypes also demean and harshly exaggerate a person or thing. For one reason or another the word yoga, carries more baggage than an airport. Those who practice yoga are women who wear size two in designer clothing, eat vegetarian or vegan food only, always live in a state of tranquility, and have the immediate ability to bend in ways that put a pretzel to shame. Yoga became an intimidating word with undeserved judgement. But the secret is out, so listen close!

Why stop at practicing yoga? Aim for your dreams!!

  1. Think Outside the Box

Stereotypes are preconceived judgements. It’s time to hit the refresh button and think outside the box! Leave what you know, what you experienced, your mindset and attitude in order to see things in a completely different perspective. You are unique, beautiful and able to conquer the world. If you are told you can’t do something, hit that refresh button, smile and say, “watch me!”

  1. Playing Pretend

They say, “Your actions today should help your future self,” so what do you want your future self to become? It’s time to play dress up and pretend you are your future self! Want to get in shape? Grab the water bottle out of the refrigerator instead of the pop can. Strive for the future you dream about. Create chaos, make mistakes and do what you need to do to live in your dreams today!

  1. Evaluate and Encourage

Stereotypes spread faster than wild fires, and soon distorts into something harmful. Before you let stereotypes grab you, educate yourself! Stereotypes are simply misconceptions, so destroy the misconception. I once turned my nose the other way at yoga before realizing its benefits. I became educated and practiced daily. Today, I encourage you to education yourself in order to overcome a stereotype.

I am who I am, Watch Me Soar!

The biggest crime occurs when you stop yourself from achieving greatness because of a stereotype. Not one of those stereotypes I listed early stopped me from practicing yoga. I am five foot eight and weigh 132 pounds. I am a size five or even size six in some stores. I buy crazy yoga pants and shirts off the discount rack at Target. My diet consists of pizza, spaghetti and other delicious foods because why not enjoy what you eat. Sometimes I get unbearably stressed and angry I wonder if I will turn into the Incredible Hulk. If I ever became a pretzel during my yoga session someone should immediately take me to the hospital. Starting yoga was the best decision I made, and to top it off I did it for myself. But, I won’t stop there. A couple days ago someone asked what I was afraid of to which I replied, “my dreams.” My dreams scare the ever living out of me because I want so badly for them to come true. Believe me, when I say nothing, not even a little stereotype, will stand in my way. This lifestyle builds me into who I am, and you have the ability to create the life style that builds you, regardless of the baggage that may tag along.


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